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Nothing transforms a home like a finely crafted stairway. Like a tribute to days gone by, a finely crafted stairway stands the test of time and taste. Today’s custom banisters are making a resurgence due in part to builders and designers restoring their place of prominence in the entryway of homes across the nation. Gone are the days when a stairway is simply a vehicle to get from floor to floor. Consider that a stairway is the only piece of built-in furniture in your home, aside from cabinetry, which is kept hidden in the kitchen or bath. The stairway greets visitors with a prelude to expectations to the rest of the home.

The style du jour is “anything goes”. The classic continuous banisters will always conjure up images of children taking a slide when no one is looking. More recently, the mission look has made a resurgence, and after fifteen years, iron balusters are still the rage. And rest assured that the fun and frivolity of a contemporary staircase will always have a place in the American home. Available in any wood species, the design is only limited by your imagination.

An innovative design coupled with a competent installation company such as Roughrider Hardwoods will yield a treasure that stands the test of time. You’ve seen them in the centuries-old homes you’ve explored – old stairways with finishes dulled by the comings and goings of generations. Tarnished, but no less treasured, it continues to stand, and to stand.

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